Watch Pokémon Snap’s New Gameplay Walkthrough

New Pokémon Snap got some spotlight during today’s 25th anniversary stream, showing off the game in action and how players can lure and capture the best photos. 

The game is set in the Lental region, a biodiverse area where players will explore a jungle, desert, and underwater areas. The world is teeming with wildlife, with various types of Pokémon as far as the eye can see. The game has a who-who of monsters, including legendary and mythical types such as Celebi. Between the creature animations and the game’s vibrant presentation, New Pokémon Snap looks fantastic as far as visuals go. 

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Like the original N64 game, luring Pokémon into the perfect shot involves tossing food to get their attention. You can also use special lures to make any Pokémon glow or change the color of their attacks to really jazz up those shots. While just snapping pics of Pokémon doing their thing will satisfy Professor Mirror to an extent, capturing rare behavior (like a Raichu surfing) nets you more stars upon review. That means determined photographers will have to get creative, and exercise more patience, to immortalize those one-in-a-million moments in film.

Once you capture that perfect shot, you can make it even better by editing it. You can zoom or re-frame compositions as well as add borders, stickers, and other effects. Photos can be uploaded to an online database to share with others, and the most popular photos will be featured in-game. 

Look for New Pokémon Snap with it comes to Switch on April 30. Be sure to check out the other announcements from today’s presentation, including the Diamond and Pearl remakes for Switch and the new open-world game, Pokémon Legends Arceus.

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