New Halo Collectible Revealed With The Nerf Bulldog, More Halo Nerf Guns Available Now In Stores

While the team at 343 Industries is hard at work on making sure that the Halo Master Chief Collection continues to get better and Halo Infinite is moving further along in development, the company also revealed some new toys for fans to enjoy. In addition to the Nerf Mangler, SPNKr, and Needler MicroShots being available now in stores, 343 also debuted a new play-weapon to enjoy: the Nerf Bulldog SG Dart Blaster.

The Halo Nerf Bulldog SG Dart Blaster offers a pump-action, rotating 10-dart drum in addition to tactical rails, 10 nerf darts to fire off, and a shiny new skin unlock code for the video game that inspired the new line. The latest gun is inspired by its Halo Infinite counterpart, marking a celebratory entry into the toy line for the upcoming game. 

343 Industries

“Imagine yourself as the Master Chief and take aim with this blaster to battle the alien alliance,” boasts the toy’s description, which is available now to buy for $34.99. As an avid Halo fan myself with both the Nerf line and the more accurate 1:1 replicas, I’m actually excited for Bulldog and pew-pewing like the giant child I am. It’s a neat line of collectibles that are much more budget friendly, and while the holidays are over — there are always birthdays, bat mitzvahs, and other reasons to gift the gift of Halo. That, or just treat yourself. You’re worth it. 

As for Halo: Infinite, work is still being done on the title following backlash over an earlier gameplay reveal. 343 Industries is heads down on the project, ensuring that it will meet player expectations when it arrives later this year for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows players.

Interested in the Bulldog? You can nab yours right right here. You can also learn what else is new in the Halo-verse with our previous coverage here, including more on Halo Online. 

Thoughts on the latest Halo Nerf collectible and Halo: Infinite in general? Shout out those takes in the comment section below! Master Chief would want you to. 

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