How to Get the Fortnite Flash Skin Before It Arrives in the Item Shop

The Flash is finally coming to Fortnite. He was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, February 13 according to an announcement from Epic Games but instead, The Flash chose to enter the “Loop” early in hopes of scoping out the competition for The Flash Cup.

What is the Flash Cup in Fortnite?

Starting at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET/ 11pm GMT on February 10, the Flash Cup is a duos tournament where players can team up with a friend to compete in a maximum of 10 matches within three hours for a chance to win The Flash skin and The Speed Force back bling. In order to compete, players must have an account level of 30 and have two-factor authentication enabled.

For more specific timing for each region, we suggest checking the Compete Tab while in-game.


How to Unlock The Flash Skin

The top-performing duos in each region will not only unlock The Flash outfit but also the Speed Force back bling. To do so, they’ll need to beat out the competition by earning the most points within The Flash Cup’s 3-hour time slot.

  • Victory Royale: 42 Points
  • Second: 36 points
  • Third: 32 points
  • Fourth: 30 points
  • Fifth: 29 points
  • As placement drops from here, amount of points earned goes down by one

According to the Flash Cup rules on the Epic Games site, A Victory Royale will net you the most points. Reaching the top two, three, and so forth, follows in descending order. Getting a victory isn’t the only way to score points though, as each elimination (worth 1 point each) also adds to your total. The following rank placements will qualify you for The Flash outfit and back bling prize:

North America East

  • 1st – 1,750th

North America West

  • 1st – 500th


  • 1st – 3,500th

When Will The Flash Set Be in the Item Shop?

Don’t worry. If you aren’t one of the top teams, you can still nab The Flash before he dashes away. On February 13th, he’ll be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop starting at 3pm PT/7pm ET and the following day at 12am GMT. Epic Games will also release The Flash Set, which includes:

  • The Flash Skin
  • The Speed Force Slasher Pickaxe
  • The Speed Force Back Bling
  • The Quick Bite Emote

The Flash is the latest licensed character to join Fortnite this season. And while he wasn’t introduced via the battle pass, his presence helps in highlighting a prolific roster. With heroes and villains like the Mandalorian, Predator, Terminator, and so on, there’s no telling who’ll be joining Fortnite next.

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