Hitman 3 Is Up for Preorder

Hitman 3 is set to release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, PC, and Nintendo Switch on January 20. You can preorder most versions of the game right now (see it at Amazon). We have full details about what comes in each edition, where it’s available, and how much it costs below.

Hitman 3 is the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, and it sounds like developer IO Interactive is going all out for the finale. You’ll get a whole new set of sandbox-style locations for you to carry out assassinations in any way you see fit.

If you own Hitman and/or Hitman 2, you can import all locations from those games into Hitman 3 and play them all in one place. And on PlayStation, you can also play all levels from all three games in VR. Pretty neat. Read on for details about where to preorder Hitman 3 and what comes in each edition.

Hitman 3 Standard Edition

hitman-3-screenshotPS4 / PS5

The PS4 version of the game includes a free upgrade to the PS5 version, so you won’t need to re-buy the game if you get a PS5 in the future.


The PS5 version doesn’t include the VR mode, but it comes with the full PS4 version of the game, which does include the VR mode. So you’ll have to play the PS4 version on your PS5 to experience VR. It’s kind of complicated.

Xbox One / Xbox Series X

There aren’t separate SKUs for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of the game. Hitman 3 for Xbox supports Smart Delivery, so playing it on the Series X gets you the next-gen upgrade at no additional cost.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch version of Hitman 3 is a “cloud version,” meaning the Switch hardware doesn’t power the game itself. Instead, it streams the game from the cloud. That means you’ll need a solid internet connection to use this verison.


The PC version of Hitman 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition

hitman-3-deluxe-editionPS4 / PS5


Xbox One / Xbox Series X


The deluxe edition of Hitman 3 comes with the game, the preorder bonus detailed below, as well as the following extras:

  • Deluxe suits and items
  • Deluxe Escalations
  • The World of Hitman digital book
  • Digital Soundtracks
  • Director commentary mission introduction

Hitman 3 Preorder Bonus

hitman-3-preorder-bonusPreorder Hitman 3, and you’ll get a code for the Trinity Pack. This includes three monochromatic outfits for Agent 47 to wear while getting down to the business of murdering.

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