Fortnite Winter Trials: Everything You Need to Know

It’s true what they say. No one escapes the “Loop” in Fortnite. Whether it’s the near-constant barrage of licensed characters or world-altering events, there’s always something going on. The latest of which being an interesting update called the Fortnite Winter Trials.

What are the Fortnite Winter Trials?

Just like the game’s loop – involving Fortnite’s trapped denizens and their repetitive battles – Epic Games’ frequent updates are seemingly perpetual in nature. So much so, that they recently jumped the gun and revealed the Fortnite Winter Trails site before the event was live. Epic hasn’t come forward with any news just yet. Thankfully, data miner HYPEX was able to share some information about the coming event.

According to Hypex and the official event page, the Winter Trials is an influencer tournament that will reward active players with cosmetics; they’ll be able to garner badges that unlock different rewards over the course of seven days.

Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 Schedule

The Fortnite Winter Trials site states that the tournament starts on January 25 and ends on February 1 at 8:59pm PST/11:59pm EST. Individual and team challenges start on January 26 and run until the 31st. Check out the full Fortnite Winter Trials schedule below:

Group Tournament Schedule:

  • January 25, 28, and 31 starting at 3pm PT/6pm ET

Individual and Team Challenges Schedule:

  • January 26, 27, 29, and 30 starting “at every player’s convenience”

How to Earn Fortnite Winter Trial Badges

In order to unlock the Fortnite Winter Trial rewards, players will need to first gain badges. This is done by voting for challenges, collecting bounties, and by just playing Fortnite. The number of badges earned is determined by the activity. The core activities are:

  • Logging in to the activate challenge – 1 badge
  • Voting for a community challenge – 1 badge (once per challenge for a total of 4)
  • Supporting an influencer team by clicking “thumbs-up – 1 badge available daily
  • Playing Fortnite for 20 minutes – unlimited (every 20 mins in the main game rewards a badge)

Fortnite Winter Trial 2021 Rewards

As for the rewards, there’s a total of twelve and most of them are still hidden. Epic has only revealed a unicorn spray, snow man-like emote, and animated gun wrap (the first, sixth, and final rewards respectfully). We’ll update this article with the rewards as they unlock throughout the trial.

  • 1/12: Unicorn spray
  • 2/12: Coming soon
  • 3/12: Coming soon
  • 4/12:?
  • 5/12:?
  • 6/12: Snow-man emote
  • 7/12:?
  • 8/12:?
  • 9/12:?
  • 10/12:?
  • 11/12:?
  • 12/12: Animated gun wrap

Fortnite’s Winter Trials appear to be a solid event for new and veteran players alike. There’s no buy in, fans get to support their favorite influencers, and potentially unlock free stuff. For more Fortnite guides, check out how to get the Predator skin.

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