Fortnite Getting a Flash Skin, and You Can Earn It Early

A skin based on DC’s Flash superhero is coming to Fortnite this week, but it’s possible to earn it three days early.

The Flash is the latest DC superhero to join the lineup of DC skins in Fortnite and it will be available for all to purchase starting February 13 at 7 p.m. ET/4 pm PT. A Flash-themed set will be available too, featuring not only the skin, but the Speed Force Slashers pickaxe, the Speed Force back bling, and the Quick Bite emote as well. If you don’t want to wait until February 13, you can earn the skin and back bling on February 10.

DC's The Flash Bundle

“On February 10, we’re celebrating The Flash in Fortnite with a The Flash Cup, a Duos tournament,” a blog post from Epic Games reads. “Dash into the Battle Bus with your Duos partner and play up to 10 matches in a 3-hour window. The top-performing Duos in each region will unlock The Flash Outfit and the Speed Force Back Bling before they’re in the Item Shop.”

Epic Games says specific timing for each region’s Flash cup can be found in Fortnite’s “Compete” tab in-game. In order to compete, your account level must be at least level 30 and you must have two-factor authentication enabled.

A Victory Royale during the cup will earn a duo 42 points while second place earns 36 points, third place 32 points, and so on. The top duos in Europe, North America East, North America West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East will receive The Flash skin and matching back bling three days before they’re available for purchase in the game’s store. You can read more about the cup’s rules here.

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