Windows 11: The Best Windows Ever for Gaming

Gaming has always been fundamental to Windows. We build Windows to be a magical place, where everyone can play, connect, and create. That’s why we’re delighted to bring you Windows 11, with superior graphics, amazing speed, and an incredible selection of games. Immerse Yourself in Superior Graphics Games will look better than ever thanks to

Infinitrap: Rehamstered Now Available

Calling all explorers! In the dark tunnels below the Earth’s crust, dark forces have been imprisoned for what seems like an eternity. Ohio Jack, the second best explorer in the world, must dance with death in order to attain the eternal life he craves. In a hostile subterranean world, full of traps, zombies, and other

Breed, Survive, and Evolve with Niche

It’s honestly very exciting for me, releasing a game on consoles for the first time. Niche – a genetics survival game started off as a university project which I kept working on after graduation as a hobby. With Niche, my goal has always been to try and see if biological principles can be turned into

Graveyard Keeper: Game of Crone DLC Available Now

Summary Graveyard Keeper: Game of Crone DLC is out now! Featuring up to 12 hours of new gameplay, new bag mechanics, and building up a settlement. There may also be vampires and a donkey revolution…because of course there is. Greetings graveyard keepers! For any new hallowed ground handlers in our midst, Graveyard Keeper is the

Final DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is Available Now

It’s finally here: Trunks – The Warrior of Hope, the last DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, is available now for Xbox One! We spoke with Lead Producer Ryosuke Hara to discuss what players can expect from this latest drop.      AL: About how much gameplay content can we expect with this DLC? RH: Regarding gameplay

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