Kena Bridge Of Spirits Review – One Of The Best Adventures Of The Year

Click to watch embedded media Publisher: Ember Lab Developer: Ember Lab Release: September 21, 2021 Rating: Everyone 10+ Reviewed on: PlayStation 5 Also on: PlayStation 4, PC From the moment Kena’s staff ignites with magnificent magic, the world around her sizzles with excitement, creating an enchanting atmosphere for one of the best adventure games I’ve

The 5 Best Jackbox Games To Only Appear Once

With the confirmation of Jackbox Party Pack 8’s release date, we decided to take a fond look back at some of our favorite games from previous entries. However, we all know such a list would rightfully devolve into a Quiplash/Drawful/Trivia Murder Party lovefest, so we’re focusing on the best games to only appear once. Besides

Everything We Know About Metroid Dread

Click to watch embedded media Publisher: Nintendo Developer: MercurySteam Release: October 8, 2021 Rating: Teen Platform: Switch Metroid might not have the widespread popularity of Zelda or Mario, but our enthusiasm for Nintendo’s sci-fi action platformer rivals those blockbusters. Nintendo announced Dread only a few months ago, during the company’s E3 2021 Direct presentation. Now

Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Arrives Thursday

Sea of Thieves has a deluge (yarr harr harr!) of content updates coming this Thursday, September 23, with the arrival of Season 4. Of note, there are Siren Treasuries full of loot that players must do battle for. You can use sunken merfolk statutes to store the loot safely and utilize merfolk to the surface

Swery65’s The Good Life Release Date Has Been Revealed

Click here to watch embedded media Director Swery65 and his development studio White Owls Inc. have finally set a release date for The Good Life, and it’s very soon. PLAYISM, the game’s publisher, released a trailer this morning (which you can watch above!) providing an overview of what The Good Life is about and announcing

NBA 2K22 Review – Minor But Compelling Roster Additions

Publisher: 2K Games Developer: Visual Concepts Release: September 10, 2021 Rating: Everyone Reviewed on: PlayStation 5 Also on: Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Like every NBA team, Visual Concepts must get ready for another season and try to improve its roster and make the lineup stronger. Last year’s entry was all

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